7 Tips For A Happier Life

How To Live A Happy Life

Mind your own business; don't interfere in other people's personal matters unless they request you... it keeps you free from extra tension.

Don't be too curious; never try to investigate or inquire about a person's schedule, as these inquiries usually make you and the ones questioned uncomfortable.

Help yourself; always do your work yourself, try not to use help unless you actually need it. It keeps you busy and secondly it saves you the hassle of another's carelessness.

Help other people; you get a lot of pleasure by helping the needy. Always be ready to lend a helpful hand. Thanks and warm wishes will make your journey, life, happy and safe.

Recognize small achievements; don't aim too high as small goals are equally important. Always remember little droplets make up the ocean. Your small achievements and virtues will also prove your worth.

Give thanks and say sorry; never hesitate to say thank you and sorry. It shows your kind and caring nature. It also compels other to respect you and advise you.

Remember God; always remember God, the Almighty. Pray for success and satisfaction in this life and after death.

Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hina Shehzad --- UAE