Having the Courage to Face My Fears

Everyone Has Their Own Fears... Not Just You

  • To be a burden to anyone

    I'm not sure if it's because I don't have the guts to put anyone in any kind of discomfort or that I am just too stubborn to depend on anyone.

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • To lose someone that I love

    I know a lot of people share this sentiment but it makes me think sometimes, are we really afraid to lose these people or are we just afraid of the pain we are going to go through?

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • To die young

    I am too selfish because I still want to experience and see so much or I know that I still have a lot of things to do for everyone, especially to those I owe my life to.

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • To be helpless and useless

    (This doesn't go vis-à-vis with number 1. To be put in a situation where I can't help or be of any use to anyone not because of physical inability but due to circumstances that are beyond my control. ) Or because of the lack of self-respect it will cause me or because of the effect it will have on the people around me.

    Either way, I don't want to be...

  • To end up either in a hospital or prison

    Afraid of everything that I would have to go through in such a place or afraid because of the pain it will bring to those dear to me.

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • To grow old alone

    Why? Because it is surely going to be bloody lonely or it's just because it's too damn boring to go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, do your stuff all by yourself.

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • Regret

    I'm afraid of being in a situation thinking, "if only..." Maybe it's because I don't want to miss out on anything or maybe it's because I just don't have the courage to say no.

    Either way, I don't want to...

  • To be fooled… yet again

    Either because I don't want to subject my heart and my soul to such kind of pain or I'm just afraid to lose my ability to trust.

    Either way, I don't want to be...

  • Snakes, sharks and crocodiles

    Just because I've seen too many movies and documentaries, read a lot of news about these creatures eating people like a piece of steak or just because they look pretty horrible to me.

    Either way, I don't like them...

  • The Ocean

    Because its too vast, too mysterious and I know its beauty kills or because I freak out the moment my feet can't touch the ground due to the fact that I can't swim.

    Either way, I'm afraid of it...
I am afraid of many things. I am afraid because these things are way beyond my control. I believe that there are aspects in my life that I can't do anything about. But for now, I only concentrate on things that I can do something about and leave the things that I can't to SOMEONE who can.

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