The Purpose

Where can you find a company that is the direct result of creativity with the sole purpose of bringing a thought from an idea to something that is real? Can you think of a company whose main focus is spreading peace and happiness to as many people possible? What would you say about a company that sees money as a by-product of the passion for its mission and whose founders have no attachment to success as defined by a typical business model?

I am sure such companies exist and that many have started out this way, but the only one I can name with any degree of certainty is a new company, whose development I have been graced to witness. I have truly been touched by the co-founders natural ability to develop a company with a soulful purpose simply for the pleasure of creating it. I am inspired to see two people launch this business without worrying about perfection or profits and hold onto the attitude that the business will always be right where it should be, wherever that happens to be at any given moment.

No deadlines, no concerns over profit margins, no attachment to sales number, no stress. Creating with a passion, creating with meaning, creating to gain new experience, creating and sharing just because they wanted to make it real.

At first the co-founders had visions of their products being sold at every Wal-Mart and Target store in the world. When I explained that they did not have enough time or start up capital to manufacturer and distribute their products in such a big way at the present moment, they did not get discouraged. They simply focused on making the best of the resources they had available and moved ahead with their project.

I first invested in the company by supplying itsí founders with a URL, business cards and web design software. I had a few meetings with them to help explain how businesses work and what resources were available to them. I stepped in one other time to help proof read their copy and that was the extent of my investment.

I never expected a return for my sweat equity or the money I paid out to help get them started, but I have to say, the inspiration I have received is the highest return on any business investment that I have ever made. I have learned that if I always wait for just the right time, to save enough start up capital or for a way to get my ideas out there on a large scale, I may just miss my chance to enjoy the process of making my visions become reality.

Observing the co-founders has taught me that if I stay focused on the outcome of a project rather than the process of creating it, I may never even get started in the first place. Going forward, I will follow their power of example and make a conscious effort to choose progress over perfection. I will also work to recognize that most time lines and deadlines are self-imposed; therefore they can be completely flexible.

I am happy to recognize a company whose main focus is spreading peace and happiness to as many people as possible. I am honored to learn from the ten-year-old co-foundersí power of example. I stand corrected for saying that their company is the direct result of creativity with the sole purpose of bringing a thought from and idea to something that is real. I think after my reflection here, I would be far more accurate in saying that the company, Ohmdog is the direct result of creativity with a soul purpose.

Copyright © 2007 Shirley Warren