Alas. It is good to reminisce. But how come when you reminisce, you can't help but to remember the not so good ones? How can you prevent the feeling from even entering your mind? You can never tell...

To reminisce is to understand. When you reminisce, you understand things you never understood before. To understand different thoughts and ideas, to understand the value of friendship and especially to understand the value of loyalty.

I have experienced reminiscing.. Now I ask myself, WHY? Does it have to do anything about me? Maybe God wants me to change something. To change things that are wrong. Quoted from Lion King III:

"You won't change the past, so why worry?"

Again, why worry? Because it is our responsibility to change things we feel wrong. We have to make sure that everything is right in order to have a beautiful and peaceful life. But on the other side, we cannot remove the obstacles and trials in our lives. It is part of the tapestry of living and cannot be broken and scratched out by any means at all.

To reminisce is to remember good times. To remember the unforgettable days and wished you were back in time. Again, I say to myself over and over again, I cannot turn back time. I just can't. I also say to myself that it is not good to dwell in those memories forever because you have to move on. There is a big world waiting for you out there-waiting for you to change it, waiting for you to unfold and reveal its mysteries.

But then again, it is not good to reminisce forever. You must face and take the world in your hands and with the help of our Lord, you must overcome any trials and obstacles ahead for you to be worry-free in your life.

Copyright 2007 Napoleon Gonzales III

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