Often Times We Feel Alone But Are We?

Night Of Sorrow

There is one night of sorrow
That each of us endured,
Holding our heart in bondage
With a pain we can't ignore.

And when that one night finds us
In anguish, we feel we can't go on,
There we lay, in blackness,
Wondering if we shall see the dawn.

Our minds scream.
There is no escaping
This empty hopelessness inside.
Burning tears of fire leave trails
Of despair from our clouded eyes.

I know that you have felt this,
This one night filled of sorrow.
It seems the destiny of man
Who awaits their next tomorrow.

Which brings us to this story
Of another place and time;
The story of a night of sorrow
Where many tears were cried.

Surrounded by the darkness,
I lay upon my bed
Alone and so afraid of life,
With deep impending dread.

I lost all that I cared for.
There was nothing left for me.
For me to want to live again,
A miracle I would need.

I've always done it my way,
Never would I bend my will.
Now, here I lay, broken;
An empty heart that can't be filled.

Why am I so lost, God?
Can't you see my pain?
Why am I even here, Lord?
Is my suffering in vain?

Why am I so lonely, God,
In a world that is so full?
Why is it I always fail,
In everything I do?

Why can't you hear me, Lord?
Why can't you just see?
Why won't you just touch me, God,
And lift this pain from me?

Maybe, I just thought those things.
But in a frozen moment in time,
There, in my night of sorrow,
I knelt at Jesus' side.

No words did my ears hear.
But, my soul was filled with peace.
My head upon my Savior's lap,
His gentle hand on me.

With one gentle touch of my Father,
The pain within was healed
And, all at once, I knew pure love.
My Lord's sweet love I could feel.

Every doubt and sorrow
Began to quickly fade.
There, in the arms of Jesus,
No longer alone or afraid.

I know that I was not alone,
For Jesus cradled me,
Reminding me of his night of sorrow,
There, in Gethsemane.

Copyright 2007 Pam Gallo