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Looking for Diamonds

Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." Once discovered, such opportunities are like valuable diamonds hidden in the sand.

Several years ago I spoke at church about how we are surrounded by "diamonds," if we could only recognize them. A man stopped by to see me. I remembered him as somebody who had suffered through a painful divorce and was examining his life's priorities. His outstretched hand contained a small, plastic gem stone.

"I stepped on this gem stone when I was leaving church last Sunday," he explained. "It became lodged in the sole of my shoe. You had spoken about recognizing opportunities - diamonds. I put the plastic stone in my pocket to remind me to look for those diamonds that I need.

"I have been trying to sell my business," he continued. On Monday morning, a man stopped by who seemed interested in purchasing some of my stock. I thought, 'Here's my diamond - don't let it get away!' I sold the entire stock to him by noon.

"Now," he said through a broad smile, "my next diamond is to find a new job!"

Not long afterward, he did find a new - and better - job. He resolved to keep his gem stone with him from then on as a reminder to look for diamonds as he digs through the difficulties of life.

Richard DeVos is accurate when he points out, "This is an exciting world. It is cram-packed with opportunity. Great moments wait around every corner." Those moments are diamonds that, if left unrecognized, will be forever lost.

Are you looking for diamonds every day? If not, you may easily pass them by! Perhaps there is a diamond of opportunity hidden in that difficulty you're experiencing now.

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