Does Happiness Elude You?

Pursuit For Happiness

The ethereal silence is almost haunting; a lovely memory from long ago. All of nature seems to stretch out to the sun like marionettes on puppet strings. We take no time to notice, in our fast-paced burdened lives, the captivating simplicity of its beauty and its seductive ways to make us want to sit down and "praise" it.

Which comes to the question:

Are we really happy or are we falsely misplacing our standards of what happiness is for us?

Can the source of happiness only come from the accumulation, an increase of our material possessions or is there a more defined and deep happiness, which we exclude from our lives?

Do we get so stuck on fighting for control over our lives that we obliterate all other vitalities?

This is where we fall short in happiness, where we begin to spiritually and emotionally wear out from the everyday strife in our lives. Yet, we always have a choice.

As said in the Constitution, we all have a right in the "pursuit" of happiness, but how many of us really find true happiness? If we just slow down and observe everything, maybe we won't have to search for happiness ... maybe happiness will end up finding us.

Copyright 2007 Yekaterina Bezpalaya
At a young age, I had a knack for pondering about the higher things of this universe and I still continue to do so. Anything I see leads my mind to other questions, quests for answers, and a vast satisfaction for gaining knowledge. Originally from Europe, the way I think has been altered a bit so I usually see both sides of a situation. My greatest ambition in this world is to change it and I believe it can be done step by step. For me the world is still a question mark but I'm sure I'll find the answers ... a day at a time.