Would You Trade Your Problems For Somebody Elses?

Everybody thinks his or her problem is big and unique in this world. Many of us keep on thinking, worrying, and hurting ourselves when some problem arises in our life because we keep talking to ourselves and try to simply escape away from the pain.

To illustrate my point here is a little story:

There was once an angel who took on a project for solving problems - of the human kind. It was a very intelligent angel and wanted to score 100 percent, so it invited all the people who were thinking a lot about their problems and gave them a chit of paper. The angel instructed the people to write their problems down on this chit but to not write down their names.

Everybody wrote their problems in detail and folded the chit in half. Then they were told to put their paper in a common box placed before the angel.

"Now," the angel said, "Those who want to exchange their problems, please come forward. Pick a chit and your problems will be exchanged with the one on their chosen chit."

There were all sorts of people gathered there: poor, rich, smart, handicapped. Every kind of person you can imagine. They all started picking and reading the other person's problem. To the angel's and everyone's surprise, their remarks and reactions were the same.

"Let me remain with my existing problem, I can manage it. Oh God, I didn't know this type of problem was also here in the world," they exclaimed. They all now knew the extremity of the problems faced by others.

The summary is simple. Just don't worry about the problems. Problems are like wounds. They have their time and then they disappear. The more we think about them, the longer they remain. So, leave your worries behind and live happier forever.

Written in 2007 by Rajesh Rao --- India