Your God Given Right

Make it big and start by believing you honestly and truly can. This is the very reality you must convince your mind of believing. Begin by telling yourself that you can. You were destined for something big, bigger than you, bigger than those who underestimate you but most importantly you were destined for something bigger than your failures and excuses.

Don't be subject to the blinding barriers that society's set for you. See past that, see beyond that and say to yourself that as a human being it is your God given right to make something of yourself, to unleash your greatness and make it visible.

It is your God given right as a human being to rise above those negative tides intended to drown you. Beyond that, it is your God given right to perform in front of life those great means, capacities and dreams of yours without the needs to impress, serve, or prove anything to anyone other than yourself.

Written in 2007 by Asha L.M., Age 16 --- United Kingdom
Do what you have to do!