You Can Never Forget Your Mom

Lessons I Have Learned From Loving and Losing My Mother

  • No one loves you more in life than your Mom

  • Pictures and Memories are worth more than 1000 words

  • The love you share helps you through the sad days

  • Referring to cards given over the years, means more now than ever

  • There is never enough time to say goodbye

  • No one can replace the wake up and good night calls from Mom

  • The hugs that were the most comforting are no longer at my reach

  • Only your Mom can understand your every emotion

  • There is a hole in your heart when you can no longer pick up the phone and say "Hi Mom or I Love You Mom"

  • Special occasions are no longer as special

  • Your Mom is the one person in the world who will never judge you and who will always love you
If you are as fortunate as I have been, you turn out to be just like your Mom and can go through the rest of your life knowing although she is not here with you, she is always within you.

Copyright 2007 Cheryl Hughes