Be A Champion In Life - No Pity Party

When I was growing up as a kid I attended a private primary school, two towns away from where we lived. My neighbours also attended and had a family friend who lived only a few houses away from our school. All of us were to stay at this house until it was time for the afternoon classes and would return there after school to wait for our parents.

I always saw something quiet significant, though it was less meaningful to me when I used to see it everyday of the week. It has been ten (10) years since this time but the meaning is beginning to take a shape in my heart.

There used to a man who lived in the third house away from where we were to wait for our parents. I don't know if he does any other thing for a living but some people came to him to be trained as champion boxers.

As kids, we only got excited when one of the intending champions was seriously battered by their opponent (who was also an intending champion). Sometimes the boxers were never allowed to fight one another but were told to fight a punching bag.

The punching bag was very heavy and it was designed to boomerang after every punch. The new trainees were always battered after each exercise either by their fellow boxers, who had been there for a while, or by the punching bag. The only thing that was interesting to me in the whole show was that the one who was battered the day before would still show up the following day!

They were trained to fight on so long as their hands could move. Even if they were dying they were supposed to fight on. What I now understand is that the real fighters fight with their spirit and not with their bodies. That is why some of them got tired during the fight and they tried to avoid the punches of the opponent; but the truth is that they were actually gathering momentum in their spirits and moved only when they had enough energy to strike the deadly but winning punch.

Seems to me that too many people take life like the ostrich instead of the boxer. I have found that the ostrich dips its head into the sand to avoid problems but isn't that what every intelligent fool does? You have only succeeded in keeping your face from the problem but it does not mean the problem is solved. The ostrich has forgotten that its butt is still exposed when its head is in the sand so it becomes easier for any attack to be launched against it.

Worse still, a number of people, larger than you can imagine, won't hide themselves from their problems but will celebrate their problems. How do they do it? They tell everybody their problems so that the people listening to them can reason out their pains and they get a "sorry" in return.

Let me announce to you that the more "sorry" you get, the less awards you see in your life. The more "sorry" you get, the less "thumbs up" you will ever deserve.

Life is too interesting, even with the pains, to be lived by calling a pity-party on yourself. The people who attend your pity-party are always good enough to come to your aid but what's unknown to you is that they are hiding you from your glory days.

Don't leave the track because you fell down because you would definitely return to it if you were carrying the trophies. Every fall on the track is a step closer to the trophy!

Remember that the boxers would return to the same training ground where they were battered because nobody gets the champion's belt through a pity-party. You don't need anybody to pity you. If you call for a pity-party then you are calling for your burial from the days of the trophies.

Get out of the pity-party if you are in it. Your business does not need sympathizers to grow. You don't need sympathizers to become first class.

The truth is successful people barely have people around them when they need them but they always have too many people around when they become successful and that is why they can also easily fall out of success, if they are not careful.

You don't need this pity-party, in any endeavour you have chosen, if you must be the "HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION."

Copyright 2007 Fola Daniel
President & C.E.O., Edible Pen Consult