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Dream To Excel

June 8, 2007


My heart is burning,
Burning with a desire,
Need an ignition,
Give me fire.

Moving ahead is a passion,
Success is what is I hire,
Excelling so smooth
That I can move on wire.

In the twilight of my life,
Near my pyre,
Age has taken its toll
And people say I should retire.

My hope is still there
And I am no liar
And still deep down my heart,
I want to move higher

My heart is burning,
Burning with a desire
Still have that ignition and that fire,
Only can move higher and higher and higher

--- Copyright © 2007 Vibhore Jain --- Punjab, India
I am software professional and a very frequent visitor to This poem is dedicated to all my friends, known and unknown, who always like to move higher.


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