The Day I Almost Died - Learning to Be Grateful

This poem is written for someone I love. I took him for granted because I thought that I would never lose him. But one day, it happened... I almost lost him forever.

I hope that through this, I could let him know that HE MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. I love him with all my heart.

I love you Bill.


What a nightmare when I wake,
On the night that I almost break
I thought we'll always be together,
Never knew I could have lost you forever

I know I have conquered your heart
Like a thief in the silence of the night,
I treasured your heart as one of my stakes as a winner,
But I didn't treasured it like a good lover.

I've denied all of your warm thoughts,
Like I've denied all the championships I've fought
Because of my selfishness,
Inch by inch you're coming out of my nest

I realized how stupid I was
To have betrayed your pure heart
I broke my promises...
I broke your heart

You showed me how to be a loser,
Because of the heartaches I never consider

Then, I realized how precious you are,
Like the brightest star from afar
That I could even declare a war,
To death as the baddest czar

And yet, you showed me the way,
To forbid the funerals hey.

Now I promise to you my dear,
That you won't see any fear
For all of your love will be showered with cheer,
Just promise you'll always be near.

Copyright 2007 Jocelyn Eriguel
I hope that by sharing this poem, those who will read this can find happiness and learn that nothing is permanent in this world. All we have to do is cherish and not take our loved ones for granted and let them know how much they mean to us.