The Shut In

My days are long in this old rocking chair…
I no longer can wonder out, I do not dare.
My heart is sad, my body is worn out….
They say they care, but this I doubt.

Nobody comes over, nobody calls…
So all I can do is sit, stare at the walls.
I wait and wonder if the phone will ring….
I wish it would, oh how my heart would sing.

Just a knock at the door, someone to say hi…
Would give me such happiness….
Will it happen?
Before I die?

I use to go to church, when I could stand…
People smiled at me and shook my hand.
They professed to love, and live by "THE BOOK"…
Now how they treat me, just take a look.

I hope they never get to the situation I'm in…
It's terrible when you're forced to be a shut in.
The days are long, sometimes the nights too…
I pray to my maker, for His love I know is true.

I bow my head and raise my hand,
I know my time is near to leave this land.
I await my lonely time here on earth,
Because with you, Jesus, I have rebirth.

I try to remember Jesus, what You went through…
And I hold no grudge but it still makes me blue….
I remember on Calvary, what you did for me…
And I promise Lord to always honor Thee.

So as you once prayed, I will do so too….
Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

Copyright © 2006 Lona Robinson --- Missouri
I wrote this poem after becoming the homebound director for my church which at the time did not have one. All too often I have found that for whatever reason people seem to forget about the homebound and nursing home patients and the pain in their hearts when they can no longer attend church. The Lord called me to this ministry quite some time ago but until just recently was I able to follow His calling to my greatest capabilities. In Christ...Lona Robinson