Hello all you Web surfers and welcome to the second edition of "Wipper's Motivations" with your host Alex Wipper!

They say that for a new beginning, an end must come. They say that people fear what they do not understand. They say that character is built through making difficult decisions. Something that I have yet to understand, however, is why people judge before becoming fully informed. I understand that fear, jealousy, and envy may play a part in that thinking process. But, in the times we live in, you would think that the "judging a book by the cover" era was near an abrupt end. With information at our fingertips, what does one use as an excuse for being misinformed or not informed altogether? The answer, readers, is ignorance.

As you may have last read in my first edition, I told you, the readers, that I am embarking on a new adventure in my life. A change was made. And I have openly accepted it. I have embarked upon the adventure as if it were what was in my hand the entire time. So far, the experience has been a welcome change for yours truly. And, I quite frankly can't remember a time when I've been happier and more self-content with my life. But, with the good, you must accept the bad. For every positive there must be a negative. A healthy balance of positives and negatives must exist to provide your life with a healthy dose of variety.

This is why, when realizing one of the few negatives that has came to fruition in my new adventure, I did not fret for long. As I realized that wherever one may go there will always be something you don't agree with, a food you dislike, a person who you do not see eye-to-eye with, and things you'll just never understand. It's not a matter of opinion. It's fact. The best thing to do is to accept it and move on as quick as possible. For this author, a dose of negative publicity has been thrown my way. However, not directly, and very much indirectly. It's purpose is to paint a nasty portrait of thy individual and to spread lies.

I have learned, however, in the past several years that truth conquers all. And where lies darken, truth enlightens; where lies hurt, truth heals; where lies trap, the truth sets one free. So, the mature and most effective way of handling a situation where another is spreading lies about you, I encourage you to not retaliate with anger, hatred and lies, but with joy, love and truth. For it is the one who says nothing but the truth who wins the war. Regardless of right or wrong…the truth is always the best tool to win a war of words, personality clashes, and ego conflicts.

The next time you hear something untrue about yourself, don't give it the time of day. You have better things to do! Go re-arrange your sock drawer, watch paint dry, or stare at a wall…and I promise that's time better well spent than on worrying about an untrue, harmful, negative statement. Don't let the actions of others dictate who you go through life being. If you stop to think about what others think about you, you won't have enough time in the day to think about anything else.

And So It Is Written And So It Shall Come To Be Known As….
Wipper's Motivations Edition 2

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