Oh softly, tender little one
I rock you to sleep
Cradled in my arms
Lost in your pink framed dreams
Did you just smile now?

I gaze enchanted as powerful emotions
Sweep through me
A brand new passion
Blossoms in my soul
As your tiny fingers
Curl around mine

I discovered a new me
When I held you in my arms
Your penny- eyes hold me captive
In their charming loveliness
Now veiled by tiny lashes

As you sleep sweetly
I wonder
When will your eyes see me?
When will I hear you first words?
When will I see you walk?
I wait

Copyright 2006 Lumina Albert Karan
Thanks for publishing my previous poem "Tiny Angel" on MotivateUs.com. It means so much to see it up there. My daughter was born on 17th September, 2006 and this is a follow-up poem that I wrote a few weeks after she was born.