For 20 years, MotivateUs.com has been honored to have the privilege of publishing motivational and inspirational quotes, stories and inner feelings from people across the world.

MotivateUs.com publications have no boundaries, no race, no gender and no politics. This website is what the internet was made for: Clean, Edited and Relevant Information About Life for All Ages. It is who we are, and nothing more.

The vision of MotivateUs.com started back in 1997 at a little internet service provider (ISP) in Bingham Farms, Mi. It was there that Marlene worked with business clients on their website needs. As part of her work, she had to learn html (the language of web pages back then) and graphic programs to design websites to the client’s specifications.

During this time, she practiced her knowledge of code by publishing a quotation each day. This led to a vision of creating a place in cyber space where the world could read positive and uplifting motivational and inspirational quotes and stories. Soon people started finding the website she created (MotivateUs.com) and sent comments through email. In addition, people asked if they could send in their favorites and have them published as part of this new MotivateUs site.

Remember, back then there were no blogs, very few content management systems and very few options for individuals who wanted and needed to publish their thoughts and favorite sayings. So this was how we began our global publication, MotivateUs,  and The MotivateUs.Com Community


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