What Are You Missing In Life?

Something is missing! After attaining the best of things we once desired in our lives, there is a feeling of missing out on something really important, which nags us all the time. Ever wondered what it is?

That feeling of emptiness, which is so predominant in our lives, often makes us question the reason of our existence - why am I living? For what am I living? For whom should I live?

Our mind is clogged by these thoughts, often leaving us with a feeling of helplessness and frustration. Nothing interests us any more; not fame, fortune, family nor friends. Our life is stagnated. We work tirelessly to attain what we have, but it's of no use to us as it doesn't interest us any more.

Regardless of the status we hold in the society, this kind of confusion does occur in everyone's lives. Have we ever wondered what it is that we are missing in our highly contended life?

We even venture out to seek that, running from pillar to post. We fail to understand what exactly is not present in our so fulfilled life. I think the reason for this syndrome is the fact that we miss God.

While growing up as an individual, in every aspect, we forget to thank the almighty for the smallest of small mercies He bestows upon us. His presence is completely erased from our lives, so our belief in the presence of God diminishes, over a period of time. Subsequently, the place is empty, creating a huge vacuum in us forever.

Being thankful is a way of appreciating the goodness of life. Most of the time we enjoy and appreciate the good things in life, but fail to thank the one who provided them.

This kind of behavior precipitates a feeling of guilt, and eats at us all the time.

Like Swami Vivekanand said,

"Remember Him effortlessly. Make God a habit. If He is the habit, contentment is optimum; the feeling of lost and being lonely will never bog us down. Let His omnipresence empower us, leaving the result on Him when we perform our duties. With dedication, there is no reason for us to be negative about anything in our life."

Written in 2007 by Vikki Kumar --- India
Vikki is a homemaker, with a loving family, and has been a great supporter and contributor to MotivateUs since 2002.