Softball - The Game

Do you love this game? You know what game I'm talking about? Softball, the game that gives you a chance to get away, gives you hope, a dream, and a way to establish character. Softball is where you learn about passion, determination, and self-discipline.

Softball is a game where can come off the field exhausted and beat up, bruises and sweat all over your body, blood dripping from your cuts and still you want to redeem yourself the next game.

A game where can leave it on the field. A game bigger than you will ever be. A game that shows you're capable of so much more. A game beyond your imagination, an escape, a way of life.

A game that gives back to you with life's little lessons:
  • How you deal and come back from failure

  • How to overcome obstacles

  • How to achieve and pursue the "what" people say is impossible
    (you know there is no such thing)

  • To prove to those who said you can't

  • To break through the stereotypes brought upon you

  • To live, to learn, and to look forward too
Softball is a game is like a relationship. What you put into it is what you get out of it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it . Those kinds of people are telling you that because they can't do it themselves.

My advice: enjoy this game, laugh, have fun and excel. Don't settle. Play every game like it is your last. Believe me because when you can't play anymore, you wouldn't want any doubt in your mind that you should've done something better. Love this game!

Copyright 2007 Kathleen Jacoby