The Never Ending Night

A man walked all through the night, searching for himself. He looked up to the sky asking the Lord, "What should I do?"

The Lord replied, "My beautiful child, it is not me you need to find, it is yourself".

This frustrated the man; he looked to the ground and kept walking. His feet were sore and swollen and he was very tired, but he walked on. He came upon a huge canyon he wanted to cross, but there was no bridge.

He looked to the sky again, asking the Lord, "How am I supposed to cross this canyon?"

The Lord replied, "My dear, dear son; I know your feet are sore. I also know you're tired. But if you want to cross this canyon, you will have to walk to the bottom and up the other side."

This really frustrated the man. He cursed the Lord for not helping him.

The Lord replied, "Son, it is men like you that have no courage or will to walk. You expect me to carry you. Well, my son, I will walk with you not carry you. I will guide you, not take you, for it is you who has to find yourself, so take my hand and walk on."

The man walked all through the night with no strength at all, but now he had courage.

The man looked to the Lord and said, "Lord, it has been many nights, but I now see the sun. It is now that I am at peace with myself."

The Lord replied, "My beautiful child, you have faced many challenges on your journey and overcame each of them. You have found what you are looking for; be free and sound, stay within yourself."

Copyright 1993 Dan Harris