The People's Stats

Ok, I did a little research. I have written many times that I believe most people are loving, caring people. I'm certain eyes have rolled at this thought, however I now have indisputable evidence that I am correct.

I wonder how people think. So I went to google and did a search. I put Love up against Hate. War vs. Peace. Crime vs.Charity. Chocolate vs. Vanilla, Racism vs. Learn. What do people want?

Ding!!! Ding!!! Ding!!!

Love 908,000,000 vs. Hate 258,000,000

Wooooooo. As a fan, this is one of the greatest wins I have experienced. This here was the main event. Without question, when it comes to what people want, LOVE is the Heavyweight Champion Of The World.

War 594,000,000 vs. Peace 187,000,000

No surprise here. Too much war in this world. Many loving people going online to find out about it. People seeking peace have a disappointing showing.

Crime 341,000,000 vs. Charity 96,700,000

Crime easily wins this battle. I look forward to the day when charity wins. I can't realistically imagine that any time soon.

Learn 599,000,000 vs. Racism 27,600,000

I doubt this epic battle will ever make headlines. An absolute slaughter. People are much more interested in educating themselves then they are thinking about racism. . Second only to love amongst all participants, these numbers certainly show the power of



Chocolate 112,000,000 vs. Vanilla 33,600,000

Upset of the night. Both participants could be difficult to spell, but I expected a much tougher battle.

In addition, to gauge the validity of our numbers, we searched a contender that wasn't on tonight's card.

Sex 399,000,000

I thought sex had a chance to beat love. Happy to say, not even close. Love left all contenders in the dust.


People want love. No doubt. The numbers don't lie. They want to learn. They're concerned about war. Who can blame them?

Crime is a major thought on people's minds. People are more concerned about hate then they are about peace. Incredibly people care more about chocolate then they care about charity. Just as surprisingly vanilla was a distant second. Lagging behind all the worthy participants, racism. People aren't interested in it.

LOVE & LEARN, spread the words !!!

Copyright 2007 David Gussin
David has been a staunch supporter of MotivateUs for at least 8 years.