Personal Growth In Sync With Your Soul

Gently Spinning

So the earth spins
in a circle
as does life
and growth,
and so do I.

on a fast rotation
and other times,
in slowest of motion
and on it's axis
it rocks just a
wee little bit.

Gentle rock star earth
Gentle rock star me.
Always spinning
and always
in motion perfectly
and as it should.

The soul knows,
like the earth,
how it supposed to move
and when
without anyone
telling or directing
and sometimes clumsily,
I join it
maybe in sync.

Life is good for me.
I taste it.
I smell it.
I live it.
I love it.

In sync
Like the earth
Spinning in perfection.
Life is good for me.
Gently spinning.

Copyright 2007 Shelley Joy Tellez