Poems From The Heart


In the silence,
The clarity of your voice,
Climbs high
Upon the eagles wings.
The chains of doubt
That imprison my soul,
Fall away beneath my feet.
In the freedom and majesty
Of the sentinel's gaze,
Faith is strengthened
And hope returned
To a weary heart,
Upon the silent flight
Of eagles wings.
Written in 1998 by Chris Roe - England


Shafts of light
Through cathedral windows,
Dappled shade
Upon the leaves beneath my feet.
Bird song
In the branches above.

In the distance,
Hind and fawn
Cross the forest track.
The sweet fragrance of autumn
Fills the misty air.

A gentle breeze
Moving colours
To the forest floor.

So precious
Such beauty,
So hard to find,
Such peaceful sanctuary.
Written in 1998 by Chris Roe - England