Have you ever thought
When you were caught
In the middle of the storm
Crying loud, hue and cry
And still nobody gave it a try
You shouted, you screamed high
And everybody took it as a lie?

Suddenly you got up
And recollected the strength
With utmost faith, fought till the end
Suddenly you won, simply at the dot
You have won, believe it or not

Have you ever thought
From where the strength came
It resides within us from beginning till the end
Only if we trust the courage we have
We can solve all our problems within ourselves
If we cannot, how can anyone else?

Only we know our desires and only we know our plans
So don't search outward, only deep inside
You will get all the answers
Only if you will listen to the quiet

Problems will never end
How many times we'll knock outside?
How many times will people stand by our side?
End it here and end it right
Fight yourself with all your might

You will win because you possess the strength
And even if you don't
You will not regret trying
In the end.

Copyright 2003 Ankeeta Sausan
I think this poem says it all - it asks a question and presents you with an answer. It's all about believing in one's own capabilities rather than looking to someone else for answers.