I Know I Will Survive

Photographs and teddy bears have all been washed away
Bodies drifting lifelessly down into the bay
We ran to our upstairs window while 'copters flew on by
I wondered if my mom's alive as I heard a baby cry

All I know
Is I'm alive
And I'll survive

Politicians and the media don't care if I'm alright
They're just pointing fingers, and trying to win their fight
Is nature reeking vengeance, or just acting on its course?
Is God trying to punish us, or remind he's in control?

All I know
Is I'm alive
And I'll survive

Yesterday I did my hair and swept the kitchen floor
Today I'm watching looters roam as I hide behind my door
Yesterday I put on lipstick, drove my kids to school
Today I wonder if I'll eat or if chaos will now rule

All I know
Is I need my
Photographs and teddy bears back within my arms
Some new ribbons for your hair and maybe I'll be calm

And I know I will survive

Copyright 2005 Karen Kansfield