The Meaning Of Life

Some years ago, in India, there was a famous Guru giving a talk to thousands of people. In the crowd were holy men, presidents, film stars, musicians and many, many others. Apparently when this man talked, his voice was kind of 'hypnotic' and people became entranced by his words.

When he had finished speaking, the Guru asked if there were any further questions. There was a silence as people absorbed what they had just heard ...until a man stood up. He was a business type, a western, skeptical man and half-laughing he said to the Guru, "Alright then, if you know everything, what's the meaning of life?"

The man was trying to embarrass the Guru, to kind of belittle him. But, the Guru answered, "I'll answer your question, but first let me tell you something about yourself."

Now the man was the one that everyone was looking at and became uncomfortable.

"You have never been in love, have you?? Real, deep, true Love??"

"No", replied the man, now slightly embarrassed himself, "No, I haven't."

"Because..." said the Guru, "...a person who asks the question that you asked me, about the 'meaning of life', is really only telling you something about themselves. They have missed out on, or not experienced... love. Basically, a person who knew real Love, from their own direct, personal experience, would never even be able to ask the question, 'What is the meaning of life', because they would already know."

Copyright 2005 Simon Heighwaya