Celebrate Life At This Moment

Pope John Paul II, a man of peace, has left our midst. Millions around the world, in this moment, mourn his passing and celebrate the life that slipped away. I have to say personally, that I admired the Pope's love of humanity and commitment to peace and will miss that gentleness of spirit.

Today I ask that you celebrate life and all that comes with it, in this moment. Plan for your future, but live in the present moment. Enjoy all that this moment has to offer. This moment is truly what we can embrace, as a minute from now, we may not be here. An hour from now, we may be gone. Tomorrow, may come or it may not.

Though most of us think we will live until we are old, many of us won't. Don't put off your dreams until tomorrow. Don't decide to change your life tomorrow. Do it today, right now. This is the moment that you control and only this moment. Be in charge of you and choose to be the best possible person you can be this moment. Live your life as an example for others, this moment. Be more loving in this moment, more forgiving, kinder, more positive and generous. Be present with people, in this moment. Give more than you take, in this moment.

They say that time waits for no one and that includes you and me. Be who you want to be fully, in this moment. Decide today to love each precious moment you get and, if you are offered another minute, another hour, another day, always be grateful for these gifted moments and put them to good use.

Copyright 2005 Marlene Blaszczyk