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Why Not You?

Today, many will awaken with a fresh sense of inspiration.
Today, for many the burden of self-doubt and insecurity will be lifted by the security and confidence of empowerment.
Today, many will rise above their believed limitations and make contact with their powerful innate strength.
Today, many will be confronted by difficult moral choices and they will choose to do what is right instead of what is beneficial.
Today, many will take the action necessary to make a difference.
Why not you?

Today, many will make the commitment to be a better mother, father, son, daughter, student, teacher, worker, boss, brother, sister, & so much more.
Why not you?

Today is a new day! Many will seize this day. Many will live it to the fullest.
Why not you?

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A renowned Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Writer, Steve Maraboli has risen to national prominence by delivering a highly profound message that helps people shake off mediocrity, destroy personal barriers, and live up to their greatest self. His extensive studies in self-empowerment will help you overcome the barriers that hinder personal and professional success.

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