Love Thyself

How many times do we think about our own real self? Not the way world wants us to think, but how we ourselves want to think. We think, behave, express, talk, speak and live like someone who is totally alien to us. We can't relate to that person, but still just want to be like that person because that particular person happens to be some celebrity.

What we become is something totally different, someone we don't know at all --- like an unknown stranger. If we pause for a while and look deep inside ourselves, we will be shaken to core because of what we see. The image is horrible and disgusting, which anyone can abhor but no one can adore. The human in our self is neglected, dejected, deformed and helpless. Instead of sympathy or empathy, we just turn our face away.

Our inner picture is always reflected outward. Just think, if we can't even look at our own inner self, how can we love something that's so horrible? Is it fair, on our part, to let this happen to the human inside us?

Despite this, we know it's not good on our part. We do let it happen to ourselves knowingly or unknowingly. Somewhere along the line, the real being in us is taken for granted. Day in and day out, we don't listen to its humble voice - ignoring it always, letting others rule our heart and influence our decisions. In life, this is so wrong. The only thing we did then was love our own self rather than wishing to be someone that the other person loves.

The following simple guidelines can help us to love ourselves again:

Do not try to live another's life.

Enhance your qualities

Know your flaws and correct them

Lead a disciplined lifestyle

Give space to others so that you get your own

Voice your own views, if not then keep quiet

Sit with your own self for at least 10 minutes in a day

Replace negative with positive

Believe in yourself and the heavens above

Do not take anyone or yourself for granted

Last, but not the least, never underestimate the power of prayer

Copyright 2005 Vikki Kumar