Treasure The Pleasure

"We sometimes find ourselves under pressure but do not know they are pressures that will bring treasures."
Fola Daniel

Sometimes a lot of people do not know why they are in the situation they have find themselves in. Sometimes you try, sometimes you cry. You run into a mess and the solution is another mess. You want a way and all you get is nay and then you ask why me?

But everybody asks why me? It's you because you are a gold digger. Gold diggers dig deep. Don't stop until the world stops to see who is People often run into problems and are in haste to get out of the problems instead of learning the lesson that the problem is supposed to teach.

No matter how frustrated you are about a situation, do not be too frustrated to learn the message that situation will teach you because a friend would always say that the mess you go through is the message you have for tomorrow and the test you go through is your testimony for tomorrow.

Copyright 2004 Fola Daniel