Growing Up

It starts in the morning and ends at night
You pray that tomorrow will be all right
But it's always the same again and again
No matter how much you want it to end

Your parents are always there just wanting the best
But sometimes they just make your life one big mess
Now they just don't understand when you say times have changed
They think you're just making up excuses for misbehaving
But that's not the truth we're just kids having fun
We make mistakes but our lives are not done

We wish our parents would just stop and think
And remember the times when they were thirteen
How growing up seemed so over-rated
And being a kid was so out-dated
But for them to do this
They would have to forget
Everything they've learned in the grown-up process

But once you grow up there's no turning back
There are only those days that were once your past
Now, I'm not choosing sides on whose right or wrong
But once you grow up and have kids of your own
It'll seem the same way to them all along

So as time passes by
You've got to let go of all those bad memories you've been holding onto
Because if you take one second to stop and think
You'll remember you have tons of great memories of friends and families

Written in 2004 by Nina H., Age 13 --- Indiana
I'm in gymnastics and I have had so many problems because, to be honest, I think too much. I put way too much pressure on myself, and even though you have your ups and downs, you just have to keep going or you'll miss out on life!!