His Best

I married the first time in 1975. We had two beautiful children. He drank and ran around on me. He left me in 1994 for my good friend. In 1999 I married an old school friend that I had known almost all my life. I got very ill and he left me because he said, "I will have to change my life to stay with you". He wasn't committed to our marriage.

In June of 2000 I met the man I am married to and we married in August of that year. He is the one that God sent to me and we are soul mates. He loves me even though I am ill a lot of the time. He loves me for what I am and not what he wants me to be. God had me go through what I did because he wanted me to be strong and He gave me the strength to believe that I wasn't just a "nobody". He knew what I was going to go through from the moment I was conceived. I think that's AWESOME!!!

Copyright 2005 Ginger Lewis
God gave me his best. How could I not give Him myself?

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