Letting Go To Take Hold

You're probably looking at this line and wondering what in the world I am talking about. This is actually a line that I remember from my confirmation days over 26 years ago. I remember the story that we were studying was about a carousal at a carnival and comparing that carousal to life. It talked about how in life you need to let go of the difficult things in order to take hold of the beautiful things in life. So... I thought I would share a true story with each of you about… Letting go to take hold...

18 years ago a young girl walked into a hospital to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Now, this young girl knew that when she left that hospital she would be leaving without that baby in her arms. But, she also knew that if she were to put her trust and faith in our Lord that the little girl that she gave up would have a life filled with love and kindness and that our Lord would give her the guidance and love to live her life to the fullest.

This young girl went home with empty arms on that warm day in September, but her heart was warm with the Love of Jesus. She knew that in God's eyes she was doing the right thing. She was letting go of this beautiful child to take hold of what life had in store for her. This young girl was going home to her little son and a life filled with amazing things that she knew she would experience.

This young girl went to college and grew up into a responsible adult. She worked full time, went to school full time (at the same time) and raised her son alone to give him the best life she would be able to give him.

15 years ago this young girl met and married a wonderful man who accepted her son and her with all her past. But, she never once forgot that little girl she gave birth to that warm September day. When that little girl turned 6 years old that young woman received the best gift that was ever given to her. A letter from her little girl's parents. For years following she received a letter from the parents and just 2 years ago, when that little girl turned 16 years old the woman received her first letter from her "little girl".

Now… she let go of her "Little Girl" to take hold of life. But, now comes the amazing part. Just 1 week ago that Woman received her first phone conversation from her "Little Girl" who is now 17 years old. She spent 2 hours talking and getting to know the baby that she let go of 17 years earlier. She watched as her son was able to talk to the sister he never met for the first time. The joy that she felt was absolutely amazing. Her excitement is continuing to grow knowing that in writing this today, she will be meeting her "Little Girl" in less than 4 weeks.

You might be wondering why I shared this story with each of you. I believe that this story shows that in order to move on in life… you need to let go to take hold of what life has in store for each of us. You see… That young girl 18 years ago… was me.

God bless each of you and I hope that your lives are filled with the spirit just as my life has been all these years. And remember… let go to take hold… it really is an amazing story…

Written in 2005 by Nancy F.
I wrote this July 19, 2005 .. the day after speaking with the "Little Girl" I gave up 18 years ago. I have been blessed to have gotten to know and love this bright and beautiful young woman. My story is probrably no different than many young girls out there. I just hope that putting this out there for others to see will give encouragement and strength to those that are going through the same thing I did. As I told her in my first letter to her... She was not a mistake, all children are a gift from God, it was the circumstances surrounding her conception that was a mistake. I loved her enough to let go.

UPDATE To all my friends that has been so very kind and supportive over the past months. I had the opportunity to meet and get to know the "little girl" who I gave up for adoption 18 years ago. It was an amazing experience and one that will stay in my heart for years to come. I finally feel complete after 18 years. The amazing part was that after all this time, when I held her for the first time, it felt as if I had never let her go.

Her parents are amazing people who have given me a gift that I could never repay. She is a beautiful and loving young woman who I am proud to call my daughter. God bless all of you who have kept us in your prayers. The meeting was one filled with love, excitement and joy like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. We will be getting together again real soon.