Be Happy

Red is for love
Let your love shine

Orange is for hope
Dream your dream

Yellow is for happiness
Create it in your soul

Green is for trust
Trust yourself

Blue is for truth
Live your inner truth

Indigo is for freedom
Take responsibility for yourself

Violet is for respect
Toward everybody you meet.

And so you create your own circle of colours to see a Rainbow
Hear and feel the sounds of each colour
Write your own symphony
And share it with the World

Copyright 2004 Desiree Botha
I accompany tourists on their tours. We went to Namibia last year, my birth country. This is a group that has come back to tour with me each year since 2001. So on the last evening I wrote this and gave them each a string of rainbow beads to remind them of Africa and her people, especially South Africa and Namibia.