Insights From the Heart

"I finally reached the point as to where I am confident and content with who I am as a person, and I basically said what I look like doesn't matter because the physical part of one's self doesn't's what's in your heart that takes you places not your image. It is nice to look good but what's in here is what will be forever carried on, your body dies and does not carry on."
Author Unknown

I live for this quote and I hope people understand that you are who you are. Never try to be like everyone else because you will be considered secondary to them. What's in your heart will take you to new places.

Get up and turn off your TV; what you see on it is all fake. It brainwashes you into thinking that you're not good enough, trust me I've been there.

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. It's nice to want to look good and you can. You want people to see who you really are and that's true beauty. Don't spend one second doubting yourself, and never let anyone judge you for what you look like. True beauty always shines through because your spirit always carries on, your body doesn't. A beautiful heart takes you far, so always be true to who you are.

Written in 2005 by Lauren D., Age 17 --- Illinois