Tomorrow-I'll tell him just what he means,
That living and loving with him is in my dreams
Tomorrow-I'll give a big hug to mum,
Say a quick thank you for all that she's done.
Tomorrow-I'll call or even drop by,
I'll say 'I love you' state all the reasons why.

Tomorrow-I'll go about getting in touch,
With forgotten friends I miss so much.
Tomorrow-I'll take the first step to my goal,
That I've always thought would make my life whole.
Tomorrow-I'll count all my blessings in life,
Consider it privilege to be a midwife

But what should I do if that day never comes,
And all good intentions come undone.
If life should spin a crazy dance,
All these things and you never got the chance.
If you woke up tomorrow to find that they'd gone,
Looked at your list, realized you'd done none.

All the things you were going to do today,
A million things you never got to say.
Would you be confident that you'd given your all,
Or guilty that you didn't make that call?
Could you be at peace, content that they knew,
Just how much they all meant to you?

So, to avoid that nightmare never becoming real,
Love life, love others and show how you feel.
Written in 2004 by Stephanie Ineson
It's so important to let those who surround us know that we love them. We almost take it for granted that they will always be there but in life I have learnt that isn't always the case. So let the people you love know how they fill your life with purpose.