Make Plans

Often times we are faced with situations or circumstances that appear to be beyond our control; however, the truth of the matter is we have the answer but the fear of pain makes us hold on to it. Therefore, make plans and prepare to deal with the pain and move forward. You will discover the agony of knowing a decision should be made and not making it - is the most painful part of it all.

If you are depressed, make plans to wake up to your favorite song, talk to encouraging people, hang out with positive friends, and most importantly seek after joy.

If you want to end a relationship, make plans with your family & friends to be available when you have your moments.

If you want to spend less, make a vow with those around you to keep you on track. Have your accountability partners asks questions each time you are ready to make a purchase.

If you plan for the pain, you can get through it. It's only when situations catch you off guard, you tend to stumble.

Copyright 2005 C. Renee Phillips