What You Were Born To Be

Today I recommit to all I hold dear
To let the world know, through these pages of words
That there are great people, from near and far
Who know it's better to be motivated and positive and swing from stars
Than to be negative, hopeless and trapped behind self-imposed bars

I know there is negativity spewing throughout the land
And sometimes it's hard to be positive
To tell your mind to believe, as you originally planned
But I have seen goodness and kindness, the impossible attained
It has to do with self-belief, commitment and action
Never giving up and trying again and again

I feel this positive vibration everyday
So many out there, trying to be
A role model for others to see
A smile, a gentle touch, a hand to hold
A written thought that shows a heart of gold.
Overcoming obstacles, small and bold
Never giving up on the dream that their heart unfolds

We are scattered across this planet, yet connected as one
People who care and have work to be done
Work that says "You matter, you can do this, be strong
Remember when you couldn't then? See how you won?"

So when you feel lost and down in your day
Remember to look into your heart and ask,
"Who do I want to be today?
Someone with hope, faith and commitment?
Is this possible for me?"
I suspect your heart will smile and answer
"Yes, that's what you were born to be."

Copyright 2005 Marlene Blaszczyk
I believe that everything is possible. Don't let fear stand in your way. You can do whatever your heart desires if you believe in yourself, make daily commitments, have a plan, and take action. You may stumble or fall face down, but so what? Get up and try again. Get up and laugh and say, "Okay, that didn't work, what do I try next?", then keep going. There will be tough moments, not bad days and if you choose, you'll get through them.

Look at little children who are learning to walk. They fall time and time again and still get up and try again until they have mastered this task. It's not failure to them each time they fall, it's a learning experience. They laugh at themselves and have champions around them encouraging them to try again. As adults, we need to become our own champion. We can encourage ourselves, when no one else is. This is your life, your choice. Be positive or negative, be the victor or victim, all you need to succeed is already in you. You just have to choose which way you want to live, then do it!