Accept Me

This is dedicated to all the teens like me who have had a hard time but are working through it and who like being who they are!

I am I...
Do not change me, condemn me, nor put me down.
Accept me for what I am,
No, you need not agree with me,
But accept me, for I am total in being.

I have my faults
I have my guilts
But that is who I am.
Perfect I will never be!!!

Allow me to be uninhibited,
Into feeling what I do not feel.
Accept me when I am flying high,
As I have accepted you
When you were flying high.

Do not put me down,
Nor make me feel unhappy about me.
I AM I...
And I like being what I am...

Author Unknown
--- Submitted by Kayla O., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania

My observation:

I remember what it was like during my teen age years, the struggle for identity and the constant wish to be accepted for who I was. Being the "Black Sheep" of the family, I was constantly chided to conform. As adults, we sometimes forget what it is like to be a teen, to experience all these new emotions and situations without the benefit of lifetime experiences behind us. These kids need us to embrace their uniqueness and encourage them just like we want people in our lives to embrace and encourage us for who we are.

Over the last 8 years, I have had the privilege and pleasure of communicating with many teens through this site. Their ability to speak their hearts inspires and humbles me. The teens who visit and contribute here are from a global family. Each of them is special with unique gifts and talents. Both girls and boys come here to help lift people up with their words of hope and encouragement. Be curious. Stop by and read the Teen Quotes Pages for yourself. These young adults are sharing wisdom and hope that may be of benefit to you.

So the next time you feel like complaining about teens, stop and take a look back at yourself. Remember what you went through and cut them some slack. Open your eyes and mind to the possibilities they bring to this world. Catch them doing something right - because most of them do a lot right. Slow down, listen and validate their feelings and concerns. Wouldn't that be what you would have wanted way back when?

--- Marlene

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