To The People Of London

Your bombs shed our blood and tore our flesh,
And until we bring you to justice, we will not rest.
For you will never break our spirit or weaken our resolve,
For we will hunt you down till we find and arrest all involved.

So remember, all you enemies of society,
That you're doomed to defeat and failure,
For the die of the British spirit has been mold and cast,
In the minds, hearts and soul of our great people.

For we are the heirs of Nelson, Montgomery,
Mountbatten and Churchill,
To name just a few.
Great and brave national patriots,
Statesmen and protectors of liberty and freedom
Who's memories of will instill and inspire, aid and comfort us
In our battle to attain eventual victory in our fight against terrorism.

Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich could not bring us to our knees
Nor defeat us in World War II
And neither will you and the rest of your sympathizers
And murderous crew.
For we will emerge victorious!!!!

Copyright 2005 Joseph P. Martino