In Your Heart

When you're old,
When you're sad,
When you're weary,
When you're ill and hurting,
When you're lonely,
When you have lots of problems,
When you're full of anxiety,
When you're in despair,

It's not the money, which we all thought answers everything and brings us joy, BUT simple jovial memories and Kodak moments. Other than faith, these two things that can lift your spirit up and bring a smile to your face. Where are these? They are in your heart.

Copyright © 2005 James Padilla (Philippines)
When I am in those moments, I just recall little happy moments and unknowingly in spite of the adversities, I just notice that there's a smile on my face.

My insight:
So often we forget that WE can only control ourselves and how we react to our situations. Be joyful and grateful for all you have. Focus on what you want, the life you want to live and become the caring and kind person you know you are. Everyone, including me, has moments of doubt, pain and loneliness. That's part of the human experience - lessons we need to learn - so we can become more compassionate people. Everyone has triumph and tragedy in their life - it's hard sometimes to be positive when all around you seems so wrong.

But you can do it! Be committed to becoming the best person you can be. Always invest in yourself first. Learn, grow, reach! Remember you can do anything and be anyone you want to be. Learn to embrace change and use it to propel you to greatness.

As my friend Jim from Texas says,
"A great week is yours for the taking! Take and give more than you take!"