LOVE. A word that is very dear to all of us. A word we all care about. A word that make us cry, makes us smile. But really, we still don't have the exact definition of LOVE.

A few years ago, LOVE had a different meaning for me. It was an amazing feeling; everything seemed to be very filmy, like we see in the movies. LOVE a girl, a little bit of tragedy in the middle and finally success and a happy ending. But, my friends, real life is not a movie or a boogie show.

The first thing, LOVE is just not loving one or two people. LOVE is the way we all LOVE each other like a family; we should care for each other. Like our family, we also have many brothers and sisters, elders and friends universally. We should love all and love should be evenly balanced to everyone.

There are some factors that dishonor LOVE. The men or women who are imprisoned by their own self pride, arrogance and egoistic nature don't have respect for LOVE because they never care.

For example: some people, when they succeed in their life, forget LOVE and its exact definition. In other cases people have rude and boorish feelings for people of different origins, different states, cultures and languages. This also disrespects LOVE.

There are other kinds of people who have a big attraction to the things that look good and sound good. They believe in the show world. They give importance to flashy living or lifestyles. Sometimes this way of thinking also disesteems LOVE.

But friends, one of my best friends, a guy, told me that he LOVES only his job. That's right. A job is a responsibility and our responsibility is not only to earn money, working in a corporate world, but also being a good human being.

We should teach LOVE to those people who dishonor it. We should LOVE them without limits and I am sure this will guide them to LOVE you, as the world LOVES them.

Now, I have already gone through different stages of LOVE. For many, LOVE starts with friendship and after a few days of going very deep into the ocean of LOVE, it continues - more than a friend; but LOVE has never been stopped. In a few rare cases, LOVE starts with LOVE (like life) and ends with friendship, nothing sad! Similarly, LOVE has never stopped, only conciliation is made with the cruelty of life. Still, life has its own way for the verdict and that should always be in favor of the good and dedicated people and I think I am not good at all.

I suffered for LOVE because I was bit immature. But I conclude that I will never stop loving. I LOVE you people and I LOVE everyone.

Sir Einstein said, "LOVE neither be created nor destroyed only transferred from one form to another like energy".

So, I LOVE you and I LOVE you all a lot.

Copyright 2004 Jayakrushna Pattnaik