The Poetry of Desiree Botha


The colours of my mind,
Oh so dear, oh so kind.
There is a place - I need to find,
The address to the colours of my mind...

At night I dream of this place,
And then I awaken to life's race -
I work and I run with all - but grace.
In my heart I feel this place...

My soul becomes light,
As I abandon society's fight.
I capture the colours - with all my might,
And I find my garden within, I Am - Light...

Copyright © 2005 Desiree Botha


Found on the side of an old dusty track
Took you home and gave you food and water
Groomed you and named you My Boy Zack
Built you a warm home with stones and mortar
Your expressive eyes make me feel so calm
Everywhere I go you always follow
Making really sure I come to no harm
At night around the fire we mellow
You give me love and companionship
If I laugh or if I cry you cuddle
You and I my sweetest relationship
But what you really want is a riddle
If I could read your gentle mind I would
Give you all you dream of and not just food

Copyright © 2005 Desiree Botha