Down through the ages it's been said that women have been subjected to suppression by the male gender in the society. Then some women, with a brighter outlook towards life, started a movement called "liberation of women". The basic need was to educate a woman as a person, as it is said, "if you educate a man you educate a single person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family". But in the due course of time, the true essence of liberation was lost somewhere along the line and the outcome was entirely different.

Women, who were open in their life style and dress, were considered liberated and modern. Women who did not follow the culture and were disrespectful towards it were labeled as liberated. But would it not have been better if instead of all this, the mind was liberated? And instead of probing at the lower level and a narrow spectrum of the word "liberation" a broader and an open outlook would have been more helpful?

If women had been suppressed, there would have been no women rulers till the modern era. The true essence of liberation is liberation of the mind with a broader outlook, greater understanding, and the will and determination to face any situation in life without being labeled as the weaker gender.

Written in 2004 by Vikki K. --- Maharastra, India