Motivation Starts Within

A letter from my manager to me...

Dear Velu,

I sure said that life does not come with an instruction book but managers alone cannot help you with everything. Life is like a card game. Everyone is dealt a set of cards. It does not matter how you play the good set but what matters is how well we play the bad ones.

I don't know what you are referring to as "pressure" because to me without pressure life is boring.

If you are calling "the need to achieve targets within a certain timeline" as pressure, then you are mistaken. The entire world moves at a certain pace. If you are not faster than the rest, then you will only get where everyone else gets.

You need to be faster than to rest to make a difference. You need to have that constant urge to look for something new and what you can achieve in a quick span of time.

Learning is a very interesting process. You are at one of the best phases of your life. Keep taking the pressure till it actually bores the person who is giving you the pressure.

You have seen me with my work. I took all the pressure that was given to me till it came to a point when I asked him, "What else?"

At your age, Nothing and No One should be able to discourage you. If you don't have an external source of encouragement, kindle your internal source. Sit over a bottle of beer and encourage yourself. Tell yourself that nothing can shatter your dreams. Aspire for the best. Leave no stone unturned. Life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.


Written in 2007 by T.M Velu --- India
My life's wheel has turned into a different direction only because of this email. I want to get this story across to my manager that I can!! I can hit the target within a quick span of time.