Persevere and Believe in Yourself

You Can Do It Too

Vivek opens up the window of his room, feels the fresh air of the morning. This is a very special day in his life. He is enjoying himself, recollecting all his efforts he has taken to see this day in his life.

Vivek, an Engineering graduate, was rejected from the Service selection board 12 times. After every attempt he learned something new about his personality and corrected his mistake. He believed that his failure was not defeat but an important step to achieve his goal. He prepared and practiced well and gets through in his 13th attempt (the number which everyone believes is unlucky). Vivek has proved that there was nothing called luck but sincere effort is one that takes one to success.

Vivekn, from all his pervious experience he had faced during the selection process, had taken it as a challenge to perform well during his training period. He believed in himself and completed his training in style.

Vivek wears his White Uniform and is ready for the Passing Out Parade. He had marched all his life to perform the March of the Passing Out Parade at the Indian Naval Academy. Vivek's parents are present to see their son getting commissioned as an officer. They are also proud of their son for his achievement.

Now Vivek marches up to the stage to receive the Sword of Honour award from the Naval Chief. Vivek's achievement was something really great and the whole crowd becomes delighted and excited when Vivek's story is narrated to the world.

"Lieutenant" Vivek makes him committed towards his job (Nation) and at all times gives his best for the prosperity of the Country.

Thus Vivek has given this moral to the whole world:

"After Every dark night there is a bright Sunlight"

Written in 2008 by Sandeep Kumar --- United Arab Emirates