There Is Hope Recovering From Brain Injuries

Living And Loving Life

My inspirational story is quite unique. I was blessed with many cognitive disabilities/challenges after a significant coma in 1977 at age 12. I tend to see the glass half full (optimistic) vs. seeing the glass half empty (pessimistic). History will judge us

I was on my way to the Olympics and the US Air Force, however, God had other plans. I was hit by an automobile, in the right side of the head. I lived and died, daily. The resulting coma was three months. The doctors told me that I would never be the same. True, I'm not the same, but refined by the Hand of God to secure greater aspirations/teach.

To make a short list of the difficulties I've encounter on my way to a teaching career, I tried repeatedly to become a teacher, whether by college, non-traditional provisional licensure, school sponsored, etc. This was not to be. However, after I had tried every thoughtful way to become a teacher, the route that I'm on right now is where I found success in teaching.

Trust me after working for 15 plus years without any success, then to have your career come to you, that is amazing. I hope others can take from me that it takes courage to secure ones dreams, but they do come true in different manners.

Now with the wars overseas, our soldiers need to know that they can succeed with cognitive challenges. I want to offer my assistance with this task, if I may.

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