Learning To Love

I always believe before loving another person one must fall in love with one's life. Only then we'll be able to give them the best out of us.

When people are in love they are on cloud # 9. But they must also remember love is not about having happiness only. It's about facing happiness as well as tough times together.

Learning To Love

On a path so lovely so curvy so long,
Hands in hands as they two walk along.
Far sighting ahead a dreamy life,
Based on the foundation of love so strong.

But inside their heart they are aware of the twist
That life may un-fold to them out of the mist.
So they hold each other even stronger
Reducing all the clouds of doubt to the least.

They knew life at times could turn sour and unfair,
But they'll face all storms sticking close as a pair.
For their bond is so deep so true and so unconditional,
And their love will remain intact amid any gleam or glare.

Written in 2008 by Nisha Grace --- India
Even in my life I have faced some inexplicable obstacles. But each hurdle makes me even stronger and even more determined to swim against the tides and pave my way through.