For All Of The Wonderful Stepparents

Mom by Choice

things creep gently into life a little each day

leslie crept into mine

abandoned by mother at four
escaped step-momster at six
encountered next mom age nine

abusive marriage
courage to divorce
lifetime devoted to children

be a step-mom
piece of cake

families merged
became one of three children
life changed
sharing a bedroom
sharing a mom
sharing a dad
emotions were scabs on her heart she picked off regularly

life left us both raw

countless times we locked horns over petty things

questioning my judgment time and again

convinced this process
like two before
would not endure

i worked at being mom
attending events
nursing hurts
providing stability

when did leslie change
when did i change
when did WE change

thinking she was my daughter was all right
pushing each other away stopped
realizing I would not leave her too
calling me mom felt authentic

she changed my life
leslie grew in my heart rather than in my womb

John 13:34: "A new commandment I give unto you
that ye love one another even as I have loved you."
easy scripture
simple plan
eloquent words
hard to do

leslie and I took baby steps together
we love each other
with unspoken appreciation for the distance we traveled

like caterpillar to butterfly
like acorn to oak
like lust to love

things creep gently into life a little each day

leslie crept into mine

i crept into hers

Copyright 2008 Khristi K. Jones