What Is Possible?

Opening Eyes To A New World

Many a times we find ourselves right in the middle of a storm. We see nothing is working in our favor. We see our loved ones and near ones are growing apprehensive about our own abilities. We get this feeling like our life is of no use. We feel like our existence or non-existence doesn't make any difference.

All of us go through such time at some stage of our life. Many call it rough patch but think again. Is it really as rough as we are making it look? Maybe not. How do we decide if a time is rough for us or good? What actually is a rough time or good time?

It's nothing but a state of mind.

When certain things take place, people say it was destined to be. But how? Who made it be so?

We - our deeds.

Whatever happens or occurs in our life, understandable or inexplicable, all things are subsequent to our previous deeds. Nothing bad is destined or nothing good is pre-written. So if things are not looking pretty, maybe it's the time to have a look at yourself.

No one is born evil or no one is born genius. It is just how we perceive things in our life and what we want to make of our life. When everybody is looking down upon you that is the time to rise above all. That is the time to introspect to bring out your hidden talent, your strength.

Think of a thing that a man really wants and he can't get. Nothing. There is nothing we cannot achieve with all we have. But we need genuine will power to make it happen.

First, one has to believe in oneself. Only then can one make other people believe. Truly said, you cannot build your credit on what you are going to do. So let your deeds speak.

Look inside you and open your eyes to a new self-realizing world. Your whole world lies within you. So when the outer world has come to its limit, find a shelter in your inner-self.

Explore your soul. Make a promise to yourself to change the tides in your favor and let your action do the rest.

It can be quite a difficult task to overcome all those negative vibes that surroundings might be suggesting to you. But sometimes listening to your own heart is better than going by what others have in their might. You cannot hold them wrong too.

You might have made some mistakes but that is not the end point. It's never too late to make a new beginning.

Life is full of opportunity. If you can't see them, then create them.

But don't let negative forces overpower you. When all around you are pulling you down, cut all those strings of doubts and fly high.

Prove yourself against all the odds, for that period will count the most important in your life when you were all alone and when you came out as the winner. When everybody writes you off that is the time to show best of you.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's enter that new world and have a new start.

Copyright 2008 Nisha Grace